Biological control: a sustainable method for controlling plant diseases

Biological control is the use of living organisms to maintain pest populations below damaging levels. Biocontrol agents include a wide variety of life forms, including vertebrates, invertebrates, fungi, and microorganisms. These beneficial species are common in most natural communities and, although their presence is often unnoticed, they help maintain the “balance of nature” by regulating the density of their host or prey population. Insect species often become “pests” when this ecological balance is disrupted by natural events or human intervention.


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Learning by the nature

Between the 23th May and the 4th June it took place at Ananda Kalyani-Master Unit the first volunteering camp, that allowed three different groups of the San Dominic’s International School of Lisbon to come to visit our project and spend there three days each. The 13339473_243626212666465_4690105450538042739_ngroups were composed by kids from different nationalities, like China and Angola and of course Portugal, and they all participated to the different activities organized by the community of Ananda Kalyani. It’s been so interesting to see how the three groups had a different approach to the activities and how different have been the interactions and the contributes they brought about it. All the groups participated in a successfully way, but every group had its own “personality”, depending on the heterogeneity of cultures and of the character of individuals and of the collective Continue reading Learning by the nature

About creativity, feelings and more

Do you know that your movement could be yellowish, like made of cotton and airy? And the people can be agree about the color and the material that you movement represented.
Giulio and Paolo called them: perceptions. Intuitions.


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Birdwatching at Serra da Estrela Natural Reserve

Last weekend, on 20 and 21 February, took place the workshop on wintering birds at the Serra da Estrela Natural Park (Portugal). The training course was organized by CISE and CERVAS/ALDEIA associations. The event was presented by José Conde (CISE), Ricardo Brandão (CERVAS), and Antonio Luís (Aveiro University), at the Centro de Interpretação da Serra da Estrela (Seia), where all the participants gathered.


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The importance of education

Aprender para nós é construir, reconstruir, constatar para mudar, o que não se faz sem abertura ao risco e à aventura do espírito.

(Paulo Freire, Pedagogia da Autonomia)


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